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Arundel State School 

Arundel State Schools partnership with Parkwood Rotary is about enriching, inspiring and empowering the young children of the school.

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Annual Christmas Carols 

Come and join the fun at the  Annual Christmas Carols at Abbott Park, Parkwood. Soak in the Christmas vibe Food trucks, entertainment, raffle prizes and fireworks to enjoy. More info.....

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Boys Club

Parkwood Rotary's men act as role models for children in need of guidance and a father figure offering nurturing, learning and having fun.


Jack Beasley Foundation

Jack Beasley should be celebrating life as an 18-year-old, but instead, his family is fighting for his name to never be forgotten. It was December 2019 and Jack, a talented footballer, had just graduated high school and was marking the milestone with mates on the Gold Coast

The Jack Beasley foundation is focused on educating and driving change around youth violence


Muravah Foundation

Parkwood Rotary's is  committed to our international project to eliminate poverty permanently in the Bicol region of the Philippines. If you wish to make a tax deductible  donation to help the people of the Philippines please click on DONATE
RAWCS Project # 53-2015-16 Farmer Family Support, more information....


Youth Programs

Rotary believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs help younger leaders build leadership skills, expand education and learn the value of service. For more information click here ...


End Polio Now

Our club is actively working with 1.2 million Rotarians world-wide to eradicate Polio from the face of the earth it's crucial to continue working together to keep other countries polio-free.


No to Domestic Violence

Supporting 'No to Domestic Violence' and Friends with Dignity charity that provides practical programs to assist survivors of domestic violence. Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence re-build their lives with

Purpose, Dignity & Hope.


A few of the many projects Parkwood Rotary supports and has supported over the years. Our major projects are within our local community Arundel and Parkwood and internationally the Muravah Foundation in the Philippines

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