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Ending Poverty, Permanently

The Muravah Foundation was started with the vision of helping bring rural communities in the Philippines out of poverty for good. Rather than just providing financial aid to these communities, we provide the resources and support to help create deep-rooted, sustainable, generational change.

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Parkwood Rotary’s association with the Muravah Foundation began in 2012, when our then President Teresa Dawson invited Bob Murray to tell his story to our club members!

And what a story, our members were so moved and wanted to be involved with this visionary man! Parkwood Rotary contributed to putting a roof on Taladong Elementary school, as well as a new toilet block was built for the children.

Club members Teresa Dawson and Hilli Reaburn International Director for Parkwood Rotary along with Teresa’s husband Allan, Ambassador for the Muravah Foundation personally visited the Muravah Foundation Headquarters in Barangay Sua and viewed the work and projects the Muravah Foundation have achieved. Whilst there, they visited the Taladong Elementary school where they distributed school exercise books for all grades so every child would start the year well equipped.

In 2015, Parkwood Rotary applied to Rotary Australia World Community Service known as RAWCS to set up a project specifically to raise funds in partnership with the Muravah Foundation to help end poverty in the Philippines. RAWCS projects are not granted lightly and one of the main criteria in being granted a RAWCS project is the sustainability of the project. What could be more sustainable than helping make people self-sufficient, creating communities and building economies!

Through RAWCS every donation is tax deductible and we encourage those who would like to give, do so by either donating a recurring monthly amount or a single donation




Bob Murray is an extraordinary man, he dreams the impossible, lives the impossible and is achieving the impossible, thousands of people are already out of poverty because of his dreams and commitment to take the people of the Philippines out of poverty permanently with honesty, integrity and compassion.


Parkwood Rotary is very proud to be associated with Bob and the Muravah Foundation and look forward to a long future working together to end poverty permanently!


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