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In a world that often emphasizes individual success and personal achievement, there is a profound and fulfilling alternative—working for the community. .

The Power of Community:

Working for the community enables us to contribute to their growth and development of our area. It is our aim to bring about a sense of belonging and shared purpose across our community, to create positive outcomes

Addressing Local Needs:

Our community is diverse, with many unique and often special needs. Our continued involvement in the Cour local area often allows us to address specific challenges faced within our neighbourhood. Whether it's simply lending helping hand, providing educational resources and support, planning events or raising necessary funds that can be put towards community programs and support initiatives.


The Arundel State

From PIzza parties celebrating Student's Positive Behaviour,The Walk to School Initiative, Wellbeing Days and of course The Colour Run, our association with TASS is ongoing and always a pleasure.


Vocational Awards

Acknowledging our 'Local Heros' allows us to recognise the work of many in our community who's efforts may otherwise go un noticed.


Arundel Parkwood Community Carols

Now an annual event, we look forward to celebrating with the community  each year

Riding for the Disabled

Based in Arundel, Riding for the Disabled is a non Profit Charity Organisation founded in 1981 with the focus to provide a horse riding experience for children and adults with a disability. 

Friends with Dignity

Assisting women and children escaping domestic violence. We were able to purchase Personal Safety Watches further protecting those in vulnerable situations  

Clean up Australia

Joining our community to take  practical action to improve our environment. What a difference it makes!

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